The Nay Science Errata et Corrigenda

This page lists corrections to the text, unavoidable in any work of this scope.

In the chart on pp. 310-312 in the sixth column (on Hermann Oldenberg),

(28–30 inserted. after 15)
(11–37 or
26–27 possibly interpolated)
(39–72 secondary Gita)
should read:

(or 1-37?)
(26–27 possibly interpolated; 38 possibly interpolated)
(39–72 secondary Gita)
The corresponding total at the bottom of the column should read:
Either 85 (12.14%) or 82 (11.71%)
Correspondingly, on page 219, the last line of the page, the first figure “2.11-37” should read “2.38.”

On p. 24, for “Richard von Roth,” read “Rudolf von Roth.”
We will add any further corrections to this page, as and when they come to our notice.

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