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I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the New School Social Research in 2002. My research focuses mainly on Plato, the Greek and Indian epics, and the tradition of rational soteriology in ancient philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to the Neo-Platonists. I am the author of Parmenides, Plato and Mortal Philosophy: Return from Transcendence (London: Continuum Publishing, 2011) and have also written on Plato, Plotinus, and interpretations of ancient philosophy in twentieth-century Continental thought. I recently published a translation of Arbogast Schmitt’s Die Moderne und Platon: Zwei Grundformen Europäischer Rationalität (Modernity and Plato: Two Paradigms of Rationality [Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2012]). I teach philosophy, religion, and Sanskrit at Hunter College.